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darksunmoon3.jpg (19403 bytes)  The Post-Trib, Pre-Wrath Rapture
Will the Church face the Anti-Christ?

The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.                                                                  Joel 2:31


The Post-Trib Pre-Wrath Rapture



  • Have you ever questioned the pre-tribulational Rapture of the Church?
  • Are you unconvinced that Christ could come at any time?
  • Did you know that John Walvoord, one of the foremost authorities on Pretribulationalism, admits that there is "not a single, clear Scripture that teaches pretribulationalism"?
  • Did you know that pretribulationalism was not taught prior to 1830?

If these questions shock you, please read on.

Who is this Website for?

This website has been created for those who are somewhat familiar with the teachings of Pre-tribulational Doctrine, and who would like to better understand the Post-trib view point.

Some understanding of pre-trib teachings and lingo are necessary, such as, the doctrine of imminency, the
rapture, the tribulation, the great tribulation, the seventieth week of daniel, etc.

Also, one very basic assumption is made, that the Bible is the infallable, the inerrant, inspired, Word of God; and that His Word has been preserved in the King James Version.

I will attempt to prove to you the following:
    1. The Bible's definition of the Day of Christ, or the Rapture.
    2. The Bible's definition of the Day of the Lord, God's wrath.
    3. The importance of the Darkening of the Sun and Moon.
    4. That the Holy Spirit is not taken out of the world at the time of the Rapture, as pre-trib claims.
    5. The Doctrine of Imminceny is in error, Jesus cannot come at any time, certain events must occur first.
    6. The Rapture does not occur prior to the tribulation, it occurs after.

Many other topics will be discussed as well.

Pace yourself!

    Unfortunately it is impossible to comprehend and absorb all the concepts and ideas we will be discussing in a short amount of time, much more study on your part will be required to fully understand everything that will be discussed. Take your time, as you come to understand the views of Post-trib, you may become angry, scared, or just plain mad. All this is perfectly normal, I don't know of anyone who likes being told that they could possibly go through the tribulation, or that their Pastor or Teacher was wrong in teaching Pre-trib, or that you may be scorned by your fellow Brothers in Christ for believeing Post-trib.
    Just remember that God is in control, that he is watching over us, and that he will never change. As a former Pre-trib believer, the most difficult part for me was coming to the realization that my previous pastors and many leaders were wrong about pre-trib, but as the bible says, " let God be true, but every man a liar" Romans 3:4
Just because they were wrong in this one area does not mean they were wrong in all things.
    Pretribulationalism is taught in most Bible colleges, and any other view is considered heresy. They don't tell their students that Post-trib was, if not still is,  the most widely held view of the two, and that the pretibulational rapture was never taught prior to 1830.  Keep this in mind as you procede through this website.
For a list of Church Fathers & Leaders who are Post-tribulationalists Click Here


One step at a time

This website has been arranged so that you can understand these concepts more easily, don't skip around to much or your may get lost. Even if you think your well versed in Pre-trib doctrine don't take it for granted that you understand what all the terms mean. Be sure to read fully each page as you procede, especially the definitions and terms page.


Let's get started

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